National Craft Industries, Inc.


OEM Precision Parts by CNC Turning Machine and CNC Machine Center

‧ Brass Rod: C36000 & CuZn35Pb3 

‧ StaInless Steel: 303, 304 & 316

Surface finishing 

OEM Brass, Bronze - Casting  & Forging

OEM Stamping Parts

We provide metal stamped, machined, deep drawn and sheet metal formed parts with various finishes. 

Components or finished products, which have been specially designed, are mostly marketed to exclusive customers.

Quality Control & Inspection

Quality control and inspections encompass measuring, testing and examining a product and then compare results with specified requirements. The objective is to determine if the output features conform specifications, such as size, function, appearance, and other characteristics that may be relevant to product.

By performing inspections throughout all production processes, we are able to identify problems early, with the goal of eliminating process problems and ensuring that the product meets customers' required expectations. A consistent inspection program also reduces warranty costs, losses in product liability and time involved in returning products back to the factory. National Craft provides the following quality control and inspection –

‧Inspection Criteria Preparation 
‧Pre-Production First-Piece Inspection
‧In-Process Quality Control
‧Final Pre-Shipment Inspection

‧ Chrome

‧ Oil Rubbed Bronze


‧ Nickel

‧ Brushed Nickel

‧ Copper

Our Foundries primarily pour or forge the following alloys, each of which is either certified by our raw material suppliers or certified by our ARL 2460 Optical Emission Spectrometer

‧ Red Brass: CDA 836 (85-5-5-5) 
‧ Red Brass: CDA 844 (81-3-7-9)
‧ Federalloy (No Lead) / Brass or Bronze (89833)
‧ Yellow Brass (Casting): C85700
‧ Forge Brass: C37700 & CuZn39Pb2

‧ Forge Aluminum: T6061

. Aluminum gravity die casting: A356